20 Things to Ask Instead of “What Did You Do Today?”

By Sarah Bradford

I used to pick my son up from preschool covered in paint, dirt, and sand; all signs of a busy and well spent morning.  As we drove home I would enthusiastically ask what he did that day and his answer was always the same...nothing!  I learned I needed to be much more creative in how I started the discussion if I wanted to learn more about his morning at school.  If you’re finding yourself in a similar situation, a rotation of these 20 conversation starters might help.

  1. What color did you paint with?
  2. What did you make or build?
  3. What made you laugh?
  4. What friend looked happy?
  5. What friend looked sad?
  6. Who did you help?
  7. Who helped you?
  8. What made you feel excited?
  9. What made you feel frustrated?
  10. What do you wish you could do again?
  11. What was the best part of the day?
  12. Who did you play with?
  13. Who do you want to play with tomorrow?
  14. Was it anyone’s birthday?
  15. Was anyone absent?
  16. Who did you sit next to during circle time?
  17. What was your favorite thing for snack?
  18. What was the story about?
  19. What songs did you sing?
  20. What are you excited to do next time?

Sarah Bradford is the Director at Valley Parent Preschool in Danville, California.  She can be reached at sarah@valleyparent.org

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