A Balanced Approach

Valley Parent Preschool is a co-operative school. We believe the family is the most influential teacher in a child's life and we feel preivileged to partner alongside the families who attend our school. Parent involvement (family members, such as a grandparent, can participate too) is crucial to the success of our program and we look forward to working together.

Participating parents work in the classroom as an extension of the teachers. This involves supervising and engaging with children in a chosen area of the school during free choice time, and assisting the teachers in running an activity during small group time. Only staff members assist children with toileting needs or changing their clothing.

I love being involved in my daughter’s education. Getting to work in the classroom and watch her grow and learn was such a positive experience. I never felt like I was working and enjoyed building my own friendships with the other parents.
— Elise A. (Yelp review)
Valley Parent Preschool is wonderful! The teachers are fantastic and Sarah, the director is amazing! [...] I’ve had a lot of “A-HA” moments when I see the way they handle different, sometimes difficult situations without missing a beat and I take that knowledge home with me.
— Megan N. (Yelp review)
We loved our time at Valley Parent! [...] The teaching staff was amazing, tailoring activities throughout each month to the interests of the students. Using hands on activities and play-based learning as an “always” not a “sometimes” was remarkable, watching the growth of the children over the course of the year blew me away. I also loved being in the classroom, helping and being a part of my child’s education.
— Molly M. (Yelp review)
Our family is so proud to be a part of VPP. This is definitely a place where the more you put in, the more you get out of the experience (It is a co-op and the school thrives and depends on parent power!). The community is wonderful and the teachers are knowledgeable and caring. Our son’s teachers have been dedicated to the children’s developmental needs—multi-sensory, socially, emotionally...the list goes on!
— H.H. (Yelp review)