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Valley Parent Preschool is a great place for children to play and learn about their world. They have the freedom to try things in their own way and at a speed that’s comfortable for them. It’s a safe and loving environment for their growth. For our family, it turned out to be so much more. After a year of living in the area, our first real friends were at Valley Parent and the people there eventually came to feel more like family. Valley Parent has been a model for our children of community and the importance of being involved and giving back, in addition to being a fabulous preschool!
Santina, San Ramon

My daughter attended Valley Parent three days a week and absolutely loved it. I was delighted to watch her grow, week by week, over the course of the school year. She became more adept at expressing her needs and better at collaborating with peers. After this year at Valley Parent she is more than ready for Kindergarten. The teachers at VPP are unparalleled. I was impressed by their creativity and professionalism and in the way they varied the curriculum to adapt to the ever-changing interests of their young pupils, whether it be composting, butterfly life-cycles, dinosaurs, or filmmaking. On the days I worked in the classroom I felt like I was making a difference in my daughter's life and in the lives of all of her classmates, and that meant a lot to me. I will always cherish the time I spent working at VPP because it gave me such a clear window into my daughter's growth. I can't wait for next year, when my toddler will be old enough to join the preschool class.
Julianna, San Ramon

My son will be attending his second year at Valley Parent Preschool this fall and I couldn’t have asked for a better school. The teachers are fantastic and the class atmosphere is just as great. The teachers know each child inside and out, and you can tell that they really love them. The teachers are there because they want to be there and because they enjoy the children. The director of the school is very hands on, and is there to help in any way she can. Children get to use their imagination though a play-based structure, which allows them to learn while still being a kid and having fun. My son has learned everything that his friends have learned, but the difference is he looks forward to going to school. I am looking forward to my 9 month old child attending when he gets older.
Barbara, San Ramon

My two children attended Valley Parent from 2005-2010 and our entire family has such fond memories of those years. When I enrolled them in preschool I knew they would make new friends and learn new things. What I didn’t realize is how much I would learn as well. The other parents were such a welcome support during the sometimes difficult days of parenting a preschooler and a newborn. I knew I wanted my children to attend a play based program and was so happy when we found Valley Parent. They’re both in elementary school now but I continue to be thankful for the strong foundation they had at Valley Parent. The program gave them the skills they needed to succeed in school and a love of learning that I hope stays with them for a lifetime.
Sarah, San Ramon

Thank you VPP for 4 wonderful years! My kids and I have had the best experience with the most wonderful teachers and parents! Thank you for helping us grow and work together better as a family. Memories and life long lessons we will never forget!
Anna, Danville

We joined Valley Parent Preschool in 2010 when our daughter, Abbey, attended the MW Preschool program. At the time we did not know that our decision to enroll Abbey at VPP would bring us so much more than her learning through a play-based program. We have made wonderful new friends with parents, teachers, and children and have had a great opportunity to learn so much by working at the school. We are so very proud of VPPS and are looking forward to being with our extended family once Abbey starts PreK this year.
Monica, San Ramon

We moved to the area from out of state, and a new friend instantly recommend VPP for our youngest son, since she knew we were looking for a play-based preschool. Our older two children had attended play-based preschools, but this was our first co-op experience. Honestly, since this was our 3rd child, I thought I knew everything I needed to know in regards to parenting and teaching him, but I would come home from a 'work' day at the preschool, and be amazed and what they children were doing and how much I had learned as a parent. The teachers are constantly looking at innovative ways for our children to learn and explore, in a warm and safe environment. The children are taught to be kind and respectful to one another, and to help each other when necessary. Our son LOVES going to school, and looks forward to seeing his teacher and his friends. And I look forward to my 'work' days, when I get to learn something new as well.
Marcy, Danville

The thing for me that makes VPP so special is the warmth of the environment. There are so many devoted caring adults always present. This provides a lot of one-on-one time for the students. And, I believe that this individual attention helps students develop socially and emotionally.
Kiku, Pleasanton

Valley Parent Preschool is a place that I have become very familiar with. 2 of my children have attended this school and both have enjoyed every moment spent there. All the teachers at this school are first and foremost parents. They understand that every child is different and they welcome and encourage every child's unique personality as well as nourish their creative minds. Having never had a babysitter, the most important thing for me was to feel comfortable leaving my first child at this school the very first day. That is something I will never question again. The teachers treat each child as if they were their own and they respond with love and kindness in every situation. They teach them respect, kindness, how to deal with their feelings, how to get along and share, as well as all the other educational aspects essential in life. Their focus is to educate the child and encourage what it is they are interested in learning about. I have enjoyed every moment at this school and I am thankful to have met such amazingly loving teachers.
Barbara, Danville

Being in a cooperative preschool gave us an instant community of friends who shared the same values, philosophy and understanding of collaboration about our children's education. I treasure each opportunity I get to experience a typical preschool day, alongside my son. The commute is worth every mile.
Mary, Pleasanton

My daughter Ellie spent 2 years at Valley Parent Preschool. It was such a great experience! We BOTH loved the school. Ellie would run in every morning with a smile. She was always so happy there. Not only was she safe and loved by all the teachers, she was always greeted with warm open arms by all the parents as well. Working at the school gave me a view of my daughter's preschool experience. Since these will likely be years that she will not remember, I cherish the opportunities I had to work at the school and see all the great, fun and exciting things that Ellie did. These will be memories that I will treasure in the future. Valley Parent is really like an extended family. You put in your time, but in return you get wonderful memories and friendships that will last a lifetime!
Gretchen, Alamo

We LOVE VPP! Our son attended the Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten programs and he will be back again for Kinderprep! The teachers are so loving and caring and my son is always excited to go to school. On the days I am working I never even see him because he is too busy having fun :)
Jaime, San Ramon

We are fortunate to have found Valley Parent Preschool for our children. The teachers put their heart & soul into enriching the lives of their students. The school gives us such a sense of community.
Chris and Meenu, San Ramon

The teachers at VPP helped me and my oldest son through a time of many changes. They showed kindness and patience in allowing him to express himself while keeping him engaged with his classmates. I feel I'm a better parent by following techniques they suggested and by bringing the school's teaching philosophy to our home activities. My son has blossomed and is a happy 2nd grader excited for school everyday. Now my two younger sons are attending VPP and I look forward to watching their growth and development.
Kathy, Danville

Our family is so proud to be a part of VPP. This is definitely a place where the more you put in, the more you get out of the experience. The community is wonderful and the teachers are knowledgeable and caring. Our son's teachers have been dedicated to the children's developmental needs--multi-sensory, socially, emotionally...the list goes on! They definitely hold a special place in our hearts.
Hallie, San Ramon

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