Next week we will be learning about the letter Hh. The kids do a great job giving clues to their item, and the class loves to guess! There are so many skills they are practicing and learning during that time. Thank you for helping your children find objects to share and make that time a great learning experience!
Our math concept this week is ordering. We will practice putting objects in order according to size, shape, age and weight. We will also go on a ghost hunt, do a five little pumpkins book, make pumpkin muffins, and do a science experiment called clouds in a jar…should be lots of fun!!!

One of the things we have started doing is putting sounds together to make words. The class has really showed an interest in creating word families as we practice our letter of the week. I love seeing their faces light up when they can blend sounds together to read small words. Although it is early in e year and was not something I had planned to delve into yet, they are asking for it!! Over the next few weeks I will find fun ways for them to explore this new interest:) we have also started playing bingo, and all types (shape, word, abc, number). What started as a time filler one day, turned into a 30 minute game and they have asked for it every day since! It makes such a difference when they are engaged in an activity they chose, just one of the reasons I love emergent curriculum! 

I know I try to chat with you daily, but if you have any questions or concerns about your child, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m always happy to chat. 

Just a reminder…looks like there is a chance of rain next week. Please make sure to send your child in rain boots and raincoats so we can explore the yard during outside time!!

See you next week!


Happy Saturday Families!
Our letter next week is Ee. Please make sure your child’s sharing begins with that letter. They are having so much fun giving their friends clues about their sharing. We’ve had some great items that have kept up all guessing;) We will also sort objects by beginning sound and practice writing the letters we’ve learned so far.
We will discuss patterning, make pattern strips and chains, as well as look for patterns around us.  The kids will also play a game called “me patterns” and put themselves in patterns; should be lots of fun!!
Since our letter of the week is Ee, we will do some egg experiments and cook eggs on Thursday! Looking forward to another great week! If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know.
Have a great weekend!!

Kinderprep News

Dear Parents,

I have a feeling all the kids are going to have a really great month! They arrived Friday to find a pumpkin patch and fire truck in the yard, and a doctors office in the block room. They spent lots of time putting out fires, buying pumpkins, and bringing anyone hurt to the doctor…Andrew’s mom got some really great pictures of them in action!! Thanks to our parents who have taken pictures at school and posted them, they are great!!

This week we will be learning about the letter Ff. Our first week of sharing was a big success! The kids have been practicing being respectful listeners while their classmates get up and give clues about their object. Please be sure your child’s sharing this coming week begins with the letter Ff.  If their sharing day is Tuesday, they can bring it in Monday instead since our field trip is Tuesday. 

This week we will continue working on sequencing, graphing, and sorting. The kids will also do glow in the dark art and explore pumpkins (inside and out)! We will also have our first fire drill on Wednesday. We will discuss it beforehand and the kids will know before it happens. 


See you next week :-)

This Week in Kinderprep (Oct 1)

We had another great week in Kinderprep! The kids are doing great and have the routine down.
This week we will begin handwriting without tears. We will work on a letter a week with an emphasis on letter recognition and proper letter formation. In addition, we will also work on letter sound(s), which is an important pre-reading and writing component.  Please note, we are not going in alphabetical order and will begin with the letter Ll.

Just a reminder that sharing starts Monday. Please refer the letter you received on Thursday to check which day your child was assigned to share. This week each child’s sharing should begin with an Ll.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

A few October dates to remember…

Wednesday, October 3 – School pictures (the photographer will arrive at 1:15). We will not have any messy activities that day and will also play indoors when our day begins.

Tuesday, October 9 – Field trip to G&M Farms in Livermore. Please meet at the pumpkin patch at 12:15. Hayride starts promptly at 12:30.  I will send put more details a few days before.

Saturday, October 20 – Community Science Day 10:00 – noon

Tuesday, October 30 – Halloween parade from 12:45 to 1:15 (details to follow)

See you Monday!

Kinderprep 9/21

We had a great week at school! The kids seem to be adjusting well and have really enjoyed playing with each other and developing new friendships. Vinnie and  I have  especially enjoyed watching the kids interact with each other outside. We have a new group of “bakers” (complete with a theme song) who spent lots of time this week making apple pies and the boys have moved from the fire station to the space station!

This week we will take the boys interest in space and use that to continue to work on spacial relationships. We will also explore with the wood pieces we will be using next week when we begin handwriting without tears! To extend the baking that has been going on in the yard, we will taste and graph apples as well as peel, measure, and make mini apple pies!
We will see if oranges and apples sink or float in science, make ice cubes out of paint and create great masterpieces. I can’t wait!!

We will be making special bags for sharing days too. I will be sending home a note this week about sharing. We will start sharing on Monday, October 1.

Have a great weekend!!
Miss Ashley

Kinderprep 9/17-9/20


We had a great first week of school! I think everyone is adjusting to the transition (including me) very nicely! The boys have really enjoyed playing firemen and working together to find creative ways to put out pretend fires in the yard, and the girls are loving the new and improved playhouse! They have had a blast playing store and making food for all their customers. 

This week we will start handwriting without tears by exploring the wooden pieces that will be used to form the letters of the alphabet. We will use them to go over positions in space (over, under, next to, behind, etc…) as well as use our sense of touch to identify them. We will begin letters in October. We will also use the same spacial concepts in math as well as do a science experiment on how germs spread!! 

The children will play with colors throughout the week and experiment with color mixing to make new colors. I’m looking forward to another great week! 

Hope you have a great weekend!! 

Miss Ashley