Preschool Class Curriculum

Valley Parent Preschool’s curriculum is an emergent one, based on a developmental approach to learning. Our program focuses on the whole child and provides opportunities for children to enhance their emotional, social, creative, physical and cognitive growth. During the year the following skills will be woven into the children’s day.  Back to Programs and Tuition

Social/Emotional Experiences

  • Develop positive self-image
  • Learn to get along and work with others
  • Begin to regulate emotions
  • Practice sharing and taking turns with peers
  • Practice self-help skills such as washing hands, using the restroom independently, dressing & cleaning up
  • Begin recognizing others emotions
  • Learn to sit, participate and listen at group time

Pre-Math Experiences

  • Learn to recognize shapes and colors
  • Begin to match objects
  • Learn to classify objects into two given categories (size, shape, color)
  • Understand the concept of full and empty
  • Rote count to 10
  • Introduce AB patterning

Pre-Reading Experiences

  • Learn to speak and express ideas in a group by asking questions, retelling stories and role playing
  • Be able to follow two-step directions
  • Listen to short stories and develop a love for books
  • Begin to develop hand-eye coordination
  • Engage in simple conversations using four to six word sentences
  • Learn to recognize and verbalize first name
  • Learn to hold writing utensils correctly

Fine Motor & Pre-Writing Experiences

  • Learn to cut and use scissors correctly
  • Use different materials such as crayons, markers, pencils, watercolors, clay, play dough etc.
  • Paint with fingers, different size brushes, sponges, marbles, straws, prints, splatters etc. on tables & easels

Large Motor Experiences

  • Participate in movement games, songs & dances that involve jumping, galloping, rolling, balancing etc.
  • Develop coordination & strength by climbing through tunnels, up slides, from rings & monkey bars etc.
  • Practice throwing and catching balls, bean bags, scarves, balloons etc.

Science Experiences

  • Explore and discuss the world in which we live
  • Learn about a variety of animals and their habitats
  • Explore plant life
  • Learn through hands-on activities and experiments
  • Participate in cooking and experience measuring and mixing

Music and Movement Experiences

  • Learn a variety of songs including ones with movement and hand motions
  • Introduce various instruments and have the opportunity to play them
  • Participate in simple rhythm and movement games
  • Move creatively to different types of music