Preschool Class 10/22-10/25th

Dear Parents,

I’m sending this early because I’m going to Reno to visit my son and daughter, My son is going to the University of Nevada. My daughter is flying in to meet us. His school’s football team is playing my daughter’s college football team (San Diego State) I’m not sure who I will root for, but it’s so great to spend time all together, unfortunately it’s  becoming harder and harder to do.

This week we will be learning all about pumpkins! We will learn the pumpkin life cycle-plant a pumpkin seed  in a bag (Not sure if this will sprout at this time of the year but that is part of the experiment), carve a pumpkin  and bake the seeds.
We have been in school now for over a month. If you would like to meet with me to talk about any concerns or questions about my curriculum or your child, please e-mail me back and we can set that up.
Tomorrow is our science day. This is such a fun event! It’s from 10:00 -12:00 at the school. It’s a free community event so bring your friends!
Also please take a moment to fill out the survey sent. It’s great to get feedback about how you feel and what we can do to improve our school.

Lastly, The weather report is RAIN
 Monday and Tuesday-If this is
 true,please  send your child with rain
 boots and a raincoat or umbrella so we can explore the yard in the rain.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Leslie and Viki

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