In the Classroom

Participating parents work in the classroom as an extension of the teachers.  This involves supervising and engaging with children in your chosen area of the school during free choice time, and assisting the teachers in running an activity during small group time.

Only staff members may assist children with toileting needs or changing their clothing.  If a child needs assistance, please let a staff member know.

In the activity area you oversee an art activity and might help a child make a sky scraper out of recycled materials, refill a child’s glitter shaker, make a sculpture out of clay, or write your name in shaving cream.  

When working in the library you might read stories, do puzzles, participate in a puppet show or play pretend with the doll house.  

In the block room you might dress up as a king or queen, design a railroad, play freeze dance, open a pizza restaurant, climb the rock wall, and build a marble run all in one day.  

During your 3-4 assigned snack days each year you’ll provide, prepare and serve snack as you visit with the children and hear about their day.  

Our yard parents might help children create volcanoes in the sand, bounce balls high in the air with a parachute, search for vegetables in our class garden, or encourage a child as they work to climb the rocks or climbing post.  

At the end of the day you’ll help clean your area and touch base with the teachers.