Parent Participation

Valley Parent is a cooperative school and relies heavily on the involvement of each and every school family.  Parents work in the classroom, attend general meetings, serve on a committee, and assist with school upkeep.  While being a part of a cooperative school requires a large commitment, we’ve found it also offers a large reward.  Teachers, parents, and children working together creates a strong community and long lasting friendships.  Below are the specific member requirements at Valley Parent.

Classroom Participation

In the Preschool and AM Pre-Kindergarten classes, parents are required to work the number of days per month that their child attends per week.  On scheduled work days, participating parents arrive at 8:40 and are done by 12:00.  Four times a year each family is scheduled to provide a healthy snack for the morning class.

In the PM Pre-K program, parents are required to work 3 times per month depending on the needs of the class. Participating Parents arrive at 12:15 and stay until 3:45.

More information can be found on the In the Classroom page.

General Meetings and Orientation

Parent Orientation is mandatory, and at least one parent from each family is required to attend.  Any family members who are planning to work in the classroom are required to attend orientation.

Three mandatory General Meetings are held per school year.  The meetings consist of parent education, including interesting speakers, as well as a time to conduct school business.  One parent from each family is required to attend each meeting.  


Committees include social, fundraising, maintenance, curriculum and membership. Each family is responsible for serving on a committee and committing up to 15-20 hours per year of committee work.  

School Upkeep

Members are required to contribute their time and talent to 5 School Upkeep Hours for each child they have enrolled.  Projects include participation in one of three scheduled upkeep days; laundry or yard maintenance for a month, or a number  of special projects available during the year.