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a play-based, parent co-op preschool

Valley Parent Preschool (VPP) is a play-based, parent co-ooperative preschool in Danville, California. We offer Preschool, Pre-K, summer camp, and outdoor nature programs for children 1 to 7 years old. Our curriculum focuses on the whole person and provides opportunities for children to enhance their emotional, social, creative, physical and cognitive growth. We believe family is the most influential teacher in a child’s life and feel privileged to partner with families in the VPP community to foster curiosity and exploration in the children who attend our school. Learn more about us: About Valley Parent Preschool


Learning through play

Valley Parent Preschool offers a play-based curriculum. Children are natural learners, motivated by their own desire to understand the world through first-hand experiences. Our curriculum focuses on the whole child and provides opportunities for children to enhance their emotional, social, creative, physical and cognitive growth through activities that encourage curiosity and foster exploration. 

Children learn best by doing what they do spontaneously, and what they do spontaneously is play.
— Dr. Patricia Nourot

Through their play, children are learning to think, problem solve and create – skills that will benefit them for a lifetime of learning. In group play, they are also learning how to be social and how to navigate through different social situations. By trial and error (and appropriate teacher interactions) they will learn how to join a group in play, how to treat and keep friends, and how to take care of themselves if someone is not treating them nicely or fairly. If you watch carefully, you will see them working on personal challenges, social issues or family roles through their dramatic play – quite amazing!


The critical role of play

Our play based curriculum helps foster a love of learning and gives children the ability to learn through their own curiosity, exploration, experimentation and discovery.  Play is much deeper than it may seem – and it is critical to children’s development.


A balanced approach

Our schedule allows for long periods of open play as well as more structured small group experiences. Regular activities include games, storytelling, singing, dancing, process oriented art, hands-on science experiments, cooking, gardening, building, creating and exploring.


Valley Parent Preschool opened in Alamo in 1962. Three years later we moved to St. Timothy’s Church in Danville, where we stayed for 30 years. Although VPP was not affiliated with the church, we shared a common goal of service to the community. In 1996, after much hard work and ambitious fundraising, we moved to our current property at 935 Camino Ramon in Danville. Over the past 50 years many wonderful directors, teachers and families have been a part of our program and helped us grow. We look forward to the next 50 years!

We absolutely love Valley Parent preschool! Both of my girls have attended and have made lasting memories and friends. The teachers and director are amazing and treat each child with love and respect. The play based curriculum has allowed them to grow and learn all while having fun! I just can not say enough about Valley Parent Preschool!
— Rachael Colon, VPP Alumni Family

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